October 01, 2020
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    Cabinet Decisions- 06-05-2020

    May 07, 2020

    Press Briefing on Cabinet Decisions

    Press Briefing on the decisions taken by the cabinet of ministers was held at the Department of Government Information today (May 06, 2020). Cabinet Spokesmen Dr. Bandula Gunawardena, Minister of Higher Education, Technology, Innovations and Information & Mass Media and Dr. Ramesh Pathirana, Minister of Plantation Industries, and Export Agriculture participated the press briefing. The following is a summary of the facts stated there.

     Under the government program to subsidize people in Coronavirus pandemic, nearly 7.4 million of persons have been provided with Rs. 5000/= allowance by now. It was decided to pay a special allowance to cover the fuel, telephone, and other expenses of government officers actively participated in this endeavor as Rural Committee Members.

     Establishment of High-tech Earth Observation Satellite Data Reception and Distribution Center that uses the data and photographs of the moon surface sent by equipment settled by Sri Lankan scientists under the Arthur C. Clark Centre.

     Constructions of the 12 storey Medical Faculty Building in the University of Ruhuna has been stopped at the end of contract period. It was decided to restart the constrictions through Central Engineering Bureau.

     Both higher education students and professionals are residing as boarders in the Colombo suburbs. Owners are requested to charge only half the monthly rent from them and those who have rented outlets and shops.

     The state-owned enterprises have been subjected to financial difficulties during this disaster period and are facing problems such as paying salaries. It was decided to provide financial facilities to public enterprises such as Sathosa, Janatha Estate Development Board and State Engineering Corporation.

     The government has repatriated many Sri Lankan students and they have been sent to quarantine centers. This process is carried out on a priority list and actions will be taken gradually repatriate migrant workers. Sri Lankan workers in Middle East will be repatriated as the next step. It is expected to bring the
    persons in Maldives, Kuwait and Dubai who need to come back to Sri Lanka. Accordingly, Sri Lankans will be repatriate providing opportunity for the individuals who claim that they need to return to Sri Lanka and will he sent to quarantine centers.

     Providing space from the land owned to the Colombo Municipal Library premises to install a statue to respect Nelson Mandela, a former president of South Africa. Government provisions will not be used for this purpose. Attention was drawn to install statues and monuments to respect national heroes and those
    who deserve to be honored in a particular place instead of installing such statues and monuments in different places.

     It has been planned to construct a 10 storey-building complex for the Karapitiya Cancer Treatment Unit but work has not been started. The Government has decided to allocate Rs. 500 million for this purpose in the Budget 2020-2021. Until the allocation is made, it was decided to commence the construction with the help of of Rs 750 million collected by the Colours of Courage Institution, which provides a special contribution for this.
     Extension of Contract for Construction of “Helmut Kohl” Maternity Hospital in Galle - South Asia's Largest Maternity Hospital
     Improvement of 105km roads at a cost of 15 billion through a loan program between Sri Lanka and China Development Bank








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