June 27, 2022
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    Concessions for Good Manufacturing Practice Certification

    April 03, 2017

    Ministry of Industry and Commerce has initiated a program to support local small scale industries, whose annual turnover is less than Rs. 250 million and permanent employment is less than 50 on the 1st January 2017, to obtain Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate with the intention of improving industry productivity, sustainability, food safety and hygiene.

    Food and beverages, Bakery products and Confectionery, Dairy products, Spices, Fish and meat processing, and Coconut base products industries can apply for this program.


    Full initial certification fee, up to the maximum of the Rs. 100,000/- will be reimbursed upon the submission of above certificate and necessary guidance will be provided to implement the program.


    To be eligible for this program, the industry should have one year of successful production records. The industry should be successfully functioning at the time of application. The industries should have not been registered under any certification institute to obtain the certificate before the application closing date.


    A self prepared application including, company name and address, type of product, annual turnover, employment, and volume of annual production should be sent Director – Development Division I, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, 73/1, Galle Road, Colombo 03 for registration.

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