October 19, 2019
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    Animal husbandry projects for plantation sector

    March 21, 2018

    The government has teamed up with the private sector to introduce animal husbandry projects to the plantation sector in an effort to provide job security to plantation workers and uplift their living standards while transforming loss - making plantations into productive ventures. This project, endorsed by the Treasury, will also help uplift infrastructure facilities in plantations, State Enterprise Development and Kandyan Development Minister Lakshman Kiriella said.

    The Minister was addressing the leaders of worker trade unions attached to the Panwila Galpihilla Plantation Company to introduce this project to the Panwila Hare Park Plantation Company's estates, recently. Minister Kiriella said the Cabinet approval had been provided to grant land ownership in the extent of seven perches to plantation workers and he was happy to have submitted the Cabinet memorandum in this regard as the Minister in charge.

    The land ownership offered to plantation workers could not be annulled by any future government. The Minister who observed that workers attached to loss-making estates could not obtain an adequate monthly salary, said the new animal husbandry project would enable them to earn an additional income by participating in the dairy industry.

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