November 29, 2020
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    June 07, 2018

    The Ministry of Agriculture commences island wide massive food drive with special participation of children, youth and retired persons. To commemorate 100th birth anniversary of the well known Pioneer of Jack Tree Planting movement late Mr. Atrhur V Dies, known as Kos Mama, one million jack trees planting program will be started on 11th Monday at the Panadura Late Pioneer's School ground, Minister of Agriculture, Mahinda Amaraweera told this morning.

    Addressing a media briefing held at Department of Government Information auditorium, Minister said that variety of plants from vegetables , spices and fruits to food crops like variety of coconut and bread fruit etc. will be distribute among the people.

    Describing difficulties faces by the agriculture development sector in the adverse weather condition in the country, Minister emphasized the need of Traditional Food Crop Cultivation Methods and Food Preserving Traditions on the theme of "We Grow Our Food".

    This Island Wide Program consists of new technologies and Export Agriculture, will be a source of income generating particularly unemployed youth, Minister indicated. In this exercise Ministry has conducted soil sample surveys for each agrarian division to prevent mis/over use of chemical fertilizer which Sri Lanka spending Rs.45,000 Mn which include Rs.33,000 Mn government subsidy.

    To minimize the use of chemical fertilizer, this program will attempt to promote organic farming system, by giving organic farmers some monitory support instead of chemical fertilizer. To strengthen the program every officers will be equipped with the strong awareness for success of the project.

    Endemic foods in Sri Lanka, Orange from Bibile, Grapes from Jaffna, and several local varieties of fruits also will be developed under this program, Mr. Amaraweera added.


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