July 04, 2020
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    No plan to close down SriLankan Airlines – Minister Kiriella

    June 16, 2018

    The government has no plans to close down SriLankan Airlines, asserted Public Entreprise and Kandy City Development Minister Lakshman Kiriella. He also said that however the airline’s income and expenditure should be bridged.


    The Minister said he had instructed the SriLankan Airlines Chairman to limit losses to a minimum during the last three years.


    Minister Kiriella was speaking following a visit to the SriLankan Airlines office yesterday. The Minister also visited the SriLankan Aviation College and SriLankan Catering.


    Minister Kiriella further said that although the government needs to continue with SriLankan Airlines, the government has had to spend Rs.465 billion to maintain several government institutions, including SriLankan Airlines.


    He added that is all the tax payers and the government can’t continue to pay that much money.


    Minister Kiriella also said the downturn of SriLankan Airlines was due to the short-term policies and decisions of the previous government. “During the previous regime, 15 airbuses had been leased at higher than at the market rates,” Minister Kiriella said. “These purchases had been made even without Cabinet approval. Had the trade unions at least expressed their objections, some kind of influence could have been made to change that decision.”


    Minister Kiriella further said that the new Director Board has been allowed to work independently without political influence.


    SriLankan Airlines Trade Unions have pledged their fullest support to the Minister towards the development of SriLankan Airlines.


    They also said that the previous government did not consider the views of the trade unions when it made decisions. (CDN)

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