July 07, 2022
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    “POH” scholarships for Six Sri Lankan Students

    October 31, 2018

    The “ POH” scholarship awards ceremony was held at the auditorium of Ministry of Agriculture on last Friday the 26th October 2018. The Hon. Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera was participated as a chief guest for this scholarship awarding ceremony.

    This year the Singaporean donors Mr and Mrs Poh have selected 06 students for the scheme. The “POH” scholosip scheme was commenced in 2009 .Mr. Poh Beng Swee is the CEO/ Chairman of the leading agricultural production company of Sri Lanka and graduated with a bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) degree from University of Singapore and had attended the Harvard Business Management Programme of Harvard Busibness school. Mrs. Poh runs her own management consultancy company and she also graduated from University of Singapore. They spent their personnal money for this scheme.
    At this time the donors have selected 06 University students to grant scholoships including three from the Faculty of Medicine, one from the faculty of Engineering , and another two from Faculty of Arts and Bio System Technology.
    Mr. Rohitha Nanayakkara, the country Manager of (Crop Care) of Zagro Singapore Pte Ltd he said this scholarships granted by their management and they have take care of the students discipline, their extracurricular activities and the continuous progress on their studies are the key factors for continuation of the scholarships for the whole academic of each students. He also said at least Rs. 15000 granted by this scholarship for the every students for a month.
    Minister Mahinda SAmaraweera, Minister of Agriculture addressing the gathering he stated that the “ I would like to pledge my gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Poh and their company named Zagro Singapore Ltd and their staff to grant this scholarship scheme. I believe this era is very important to knowledge. Many of the private companies supported to our students to their learning activities. But several decades ago, scholarship scheme programmes is very rare. But I much appreciate Zagro Company and their staff. Minister said.


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