April 21, 2019

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    Sri Lanka Managing Dengue well

    The management of Dengue issue in Sri Lanka is in successful level, compare to other epidemics in other part of the world, said the two visiting Thai Dengue experts. The fatality rate by Dengue cases in Sri Lanka is three per thousand patients which is sign of good management but the country needs to take stringent measures to control the spreading of the disease, said Jeeraphat and Siripan during an interview with Government Film Unit. These two experts have visited to Sri Lanka according to the invitation of the Government. They have provided expert advises to our health authority in controlling the epidemic. The Thailand government will give any support to prevent the Dengue threat from Sri Lanka. They said that Thailand will make arrangements to deliver more Dextran and also manpower to Sri Lanka. Mr Jeeraphat who is a medical doctor from Thailand, pointed out that Dengue was highly spread in Sri Lanka and has to under control soon. Expressing to the Government Film Unit he said that preventing Dengue is not only responsibility of the government also community should be partners. Dengue breeding places are all over the country and first duty should be cleaning the environment, he said. Dengue is in its top level and who are suffering from fever should consult a doctor immediately, professor pointed out. There should be a separate place in the hospital to dengue patients and children should be kept under mosquito nests she added.

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