August 26, 2019
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    President decides to provide more benefits to war heroes

    November 20, 2017

    President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to provide a number of benefits to the members of the Security Forces. Following the approval of the Cabinet in this regard, those privileges and benefits will be provided to members of the Security Forces expeditiously.


    These benefits include, taking steps to provide monthly salaries and allowances to the war heroes who lost their lives or disabled due to entirely non-terrorist activities in operational areas as well as for the war heroes who lost their lives or disabled in non-operational areas while doing their duties, restore the lost disability pension benefits to the differently-abled War Heroes volunteered to retire before their due retirement day due to their disability, providing gratuity to the officers who volunteered to retire or gave up the position due to their disability situation without completing their 10 year or 12 year service period, the beneficiaries of the retired members and deceased members of the Volunteer Force, who were not able to get the membership of the Widows’ and Orphans’ Pension will be given an opportunity to get the membership.


    The present government has taken many steps to provide benefits to the members of the Tri Forces and from 2016-01-01, under five phases, steps have been taken to increase the combined salary, the payment of Rs. 15,000 given to the Executive Grade Officers of the Government service, provided to the Senior Officers above the rank of Lieutenant Colonel from 2016-02-03, proving the payment of Rs. 15,000 to the Legal Officers in Sri Lankan Army from 2017-07-01, are among the initiatives taken by the government for the benefit of Security Forces .

    The members of security forces who had retired or resigned due to their levels of war disabilities under 50%, without monthly salary and allowances after their service for 5/12 years or 20/22 years have been provided with opportunities to be present at a medical board and been given monthly salary and allowances to the war heroes whose disability level is over 20%, the government has given approval to provide them arrears of salary and allowances with effect of their first retirement or resignation. The government has allocated Rs. 6.3 billion for arrears of salaries.


    Actions have been taken provide pension and other allowances to those who were disabled in war and retired and resigned without completing 10 /12 years. The approval has been given to pay these from 11. 11. 2016, with effect of 17. 12. 2014.


    The government granted the approval to amend the method of paying the pension for the widows of the dead war heroes and to those who resigned due to disabilities. Accordingly, the pension which is paid normally 85% for the age of 55 will be increased to 100%. This added 15% will be paid as the Ranawiru Surakum Allowance till the death of the beneficiary. The approval has been granted to make payment with effect from 01. 01. 2017.


    Action has also been taken to grant a higher pension to those who retired before 01. 01. 2006, in accordance with an amendment with the Wage Code No 6$2006 is to be active from 01. 07. 2015. (

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