June 27, 2022
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    Unemployment less than 5 percent

    November 14, 2014

    Minister for Youth Affairs and Skills Development Dullas Alahapperuma stated that with the introduction of Technology as a subject in the school curriculum, the government has been successful in building bridges between the schools and work places. For the first time in history, unemployment has been reduced to less than 5 percent.


    This was revealed by the Minister in Parliamenton Thursday(13) at the 3rd reading of the Committee Stage debate on Budget 2015 under the 156 and 215 expenditure heads of the Youth Affairs and Skills Development Ministry.

    The President has understood the subject of Youth Affairs and Skills Development well and this year has allocated 214 million rupees additionally. In any country in the world unemployment is very high in youth including undergraduates aged 20-24 years.  This subject has been inculcated into the curriculum to mould technical minded youth, the Minister said.

    Education in our country was not on a technical base.  The Technical College at Maradana was established in 1893 but no forward-looking policies to strengthen technical education were followed.  It was 122 years thereafter that Vocational education was added to University education.  A bridge has now been built between the school and work place.  The economy then had been planned to include only 6 percent of those who benefited through University education.  We have now formulated a scheme for mid-level Engineers through University affiliated organizations.

    This government has undoubtedly done a great deal of work for skills development.  Now there are more students for technological studies and more institutes that fulfill this requirement.(NJ/KH)

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