August 18, 2019
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    High-Tech agricultural zones are established in rural level- Minister Daya Gamage

    September 29, 2015

    The Minister of Primary Industries Daya Gamage stated the accesses will be opened to home gardens for the export market by establishing High-Tech agricultural zones in rural level and the contribution of the spices productions will be received to double the export income.

    He stated this yesterday (28) during the visit to the Department of Export Agriculture in Matale.


    Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe introduced this new ministry to enhance the local production and uplift the export income to go for a self-sufficient economy. During the next 5 years the aeroplanes departed from Mattala airport should be fully loaded by the local productions. To fulfill that target remaining sources should be used efficiently and the necessary knowledge will also be given to the officers, he said.

    The Director General of the Department of Export Agriculture N.A.K.Rupasinghe said his Department, established in 1972 has today spread over 14 districts and 16 export crops so far are produced. In last year export crops were cultivated in an extent of 109,690 hectares and Rs.40,000 millions were earned for the national production by 124,210 metric tons of harvest.This income is expected to double up to Rs.80,000 millions by 2020.


    The Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Petroleum Gas Dr.Anoma Gamage, MPs of Matale District Ranjith Aluvihare and Rohini Kavirathne, Provincial Councillors, Secretary to the Ministry T.K.D.Amarawardhane, Matale District Secretary Neel De Alwis and the officials from the Department of Export Agriculture also  participated on the occasion.

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