October 20, 2019
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    Drug Prevention Program in Matara for Provincial Secretaries

    November 02, 2015

    An awareness program on drug prevention for all Provincial  Secretaries in the Matara district was held under the auspices of Matara District Secretary Ms.E.A.C.Vidanagamachchi at the Gamini Jayasekara Auditorium of the Matara ​District Secretariat.

    The programme was organized by the
    ​Matara District's ​
    Drug Prevention Committee parallel to the National Drug Prevention Programme - "Drug Free Country".
    During the programme lecturers were delivered on the themes "Let us abstain from alcohol and smoking", "Let us prepare our future generation for a drug free country".
    Dr.Rohitha Elapatha and Inspector of Police of the Matara Police Headquarters Mahinda Caldera participated as resource personnel.
    Heads of governmental and non-governmental organizations, Provincial Secretaries, and Assistant Provincial Secretaries participated in the programme.
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