March 02, 2021
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    We should not create a nation of exam passers - Secretary Media Ministry

    November 21, 2015

    The changes in the education sector in the recent past have been adopted and encouraged by the government as they were more focused on practicality. Creativity, the ability to think laterally, adaptability and other inherent skills will be valued more than specific bodies of knowledge that education have traditionally taught, Secretary to the Ministry of Parliament Reforms and Mass Media Vajira Narampanawa said at the certificate award ceremony for Sri Lanka Media Training Institute (SLMTI) awardees held at the Government Information Department yesterday (20).

    "We should also ensure that we are not just creating a nation of exam passers, if everyone was programmed to think the same way, society would have stagnated decades ago. It is important that an education system nurtures creative thinking and debate, which will generate new ideas and propel the development of the country", he said.


    Narampanawa further reiterated the role and responsibility of a journalist and requested the certificate holders to find and report true facts for the development of society.

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