January 26, 2020
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    1600 Parking Centres within Colombo MC limits

    January 05, 2016

    A programme is in place to levy a fee from vehicles parked on either side of the roads within the Colombo Municipal Council limits. The aim of this programme is to minimise traffic congestion along these roads.

    Accordingly a fee is being levied at 1600 selected parking centres along the Galle Road and Duplication Road and subsidiary roads linked to these roads. It has been decided to deploy vehicle wardens for this purpose. 10 rupees will be levied for a motor cycle parked for one hour, while the fee for a three wheeler for the same period is 20 rupees. 30 rupees is being charged from motor vehicles and vans. The levy for a bus or lorry parked for one hour is 50 rupees.

    Parking is a problem that calls for a multitude of solutions and this is only one way it can be addressed. In the long run, the goal should be to reduce the number of vehicles entering the cities, which should automatically take care of the parking problem and free up more space for other activities. But we should move ahead with new technology and this is a good start.

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