October 07, 2022
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    Training workshop for Jaffna Fine Arts students in Batti

    June 14, 2014

    A training workshop for Jaffna University Fine Arts students was held recently in Batticaloa with the objective of establishing traditional and cultural sense among the youth.

    The workshop conducted by the Eastern University Fine Arts Lecturer K.Ravichandran was held at the Batticaloa Kannan Kuda which is very famous for folk arts. The event was held with the cooperation of Kanan kuda Kannaki Tamil forum.

    Tamil forum's folk artists and famous folk artisits from Batticalo performed vadamodi and thenmodi folk performances and clearly gave description of the story of each folk performance together with the history, backgound,  music instruments, and dancing of these performances.

    S.Mounakuru who is the head of Fine Arts Department at Eastern University was also a resource person.

    At the conlcusion of the workshop the Jaffna university students did a research about the traditional systems of this Kannaki temple pooja.(KH/SI)


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