October 07, 2022
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    Sabaragamuwa ready to tackle epidemics

    June 14, 2014

    Sabaragamuwa Provincial Director Health Services, Dr. Kapila Kannangara said that they were prepared to face a possible epidemic situation with the flood affecting parts of the Province.

    Dr. Kannangara reassured that all MOH offices in affected areas namely; Ratnapura, Elapatha, Rakwana and Godakawela had been mobilised following the overflowing of the Kalu Ganga. With the heavy showers on Thursday (12), the Kalu Ganga overflowed, inundating low-lying areas of several grama niladari divisions which included Elapatha, Kiriella and Kuruwita. However he said that people had already left their homes to escape floods and were putting up with relatives and friends.

    Dr Kannangara said that MOH offices had been provided with chlorine for purifying well water. There had been no rain experienced yesterday morning. However the situation could change by the end of the day. MOH offices have also been instructed to visit families in affected parts of the province, he said. However, there was no danger of an epidemic in district affected by the floods so far Dr. Kannangara said adding that they were prepared to face any situation.

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