January 29, 2023
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    Over 200,000 people affected by drought Featured

    October 04, 2016

    Nearly 208,000 persons from 51, 561 families in several districts have been affected by the prevailing drought.

    According to the Disaster Management Center sources, 69,678 people in Eastern Province, 8,600 people in Northern Province, 8,422 people in North Western Province, over 10, 000 people in Sabaragamuwa Province, and 110, 350 people from 23,000 families in North Central Province are facing a water shortage due to the drought.

    They said that there was no water in Kirama oya and Kattakaduwa tank and they were collecting water from wells. Meanwhile, the water in Kaluganga River has been mixed with sea water and the National Water Supply and Drainage Board is taking measures to stop this situation.

    According to the Chairman of the Water Supply Board K.A. Anzar, there is no difficulty in supplying water to Colombo. He added that the affected people in Northern Province, North Central Province, North Western Province, and Sabaragamuwa Province will be provided with water bowsers.

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