September 22, 2021
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    More than 450 tri forces deserters arrested

    February 03, 2017
    Authorities are continuing to take action against tri forces deserters who have failed to obtain legal discharge during the General Amnesty periods provided in the past and so far more than 450 personnel have been arrested till Thursday (2nd February 2017), states Military Spokesman Brigadier Rohan Seneviratne.
    Accordingly, 1 officer and 313 soldiers from the army, 133 personnel from navy and 11 personnel from air force have been arrested so far.
    Tri forces personnel who are considered as Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) were provided two opportunities during last year (2016) to seek legal discharge. During the last amnesty period (from 01st to 31st December) around nine thousand tri forces deserters including officers and other rank personnel reported to their respective services seeking legal discharge.

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