August 20, 2019
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    Minister requests proposals to further develop Cey-Nor

    February 20, 2017

    Minister of fisheries and Aquatic Resources Mahinda Amaraweera has given directives to the officials to bring forward proposals and projects to further develop Cey-Nor as a profit earning public entity.

    The progress review meeting of Cey-Nor was held recently under the patronage of the minister. There, it was brought to attention that during the past five years, Cey-Nor has lost a significant amount of profit due to management deficiencies.



    The storage complex and the boat yard of Cey-Nor in Mattakkuliya had been leased out to a certain private company under a low monthly rent of Rs 100 000. This had incurred a huge loss to the institute and therefore the agreement was cancelled and a new agreement was entered in to with another company that had agreed to pay a monthly rental of Rs 1,000,000 earning a huge annual profit to Cey-Nor.



    Accordingly, the total loss incurred by Cey-Nor during the past 5 years is approximately six crores. Cey-Nor restaurant in Colombo had been leased out to a private company five years ago for a monthly rent of Rs 150,000. However, its higher management briefed the Minister that another company is willing to pay a monthly rent of Rs 1.6 million for this restaurant.



    The Minister informed the officials to make necessary arrangements to further develop Cey-Nor and also mentioned that deficiencies in management are the reasons that have led public entities into loss making conditions.

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