May 24, 2019
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    Successful food crops cultivation in Puttalam

    April 11, 2018

    Paddy farmers in Puttalam District who were affected by the drought during the past two cultivation seasons have successfully shifted maize and other subsidiary food crops in their fields during 2017-18 Maha season. The farmers have cultivated maize in 600 acres and peanuts in 400 acres throughout the district.


    Under the National Food Production Program, the President’s Office have allocated Rs.16.64 million to implement projects in the Puttalam District in 2017 and these affected farmers were given necessary funds and Pacific 984 maize seeds free of charge under this program.


    Since the cultivation of maize and peanuts requires little amount of water, farmers were able to cultivate these crops by using the limited amount of water from the Inginimitiya irrigation tank. The number of beneficiaries of these projects are 520 farmers in the area. This is their firsts time experience in the cultivation of food crops during Maha season under the Inginimitiya irrigation project.


    The Ceylon Agro Industries Limited is ready to buy one kilo of maize plants at Rs. 7.50 and dry seeds at Rs.45.


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