February 29, 2020
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    Construction of Bus Stands parallel to 'Deyata Kirula' 2015

    August 02, 2014

    Parallel to ‘Deyata Kirula’ National Development Programme, 2015, the Ministry of Private Transport Services has taken steps to construct four bus stands in Habaraduwa, Puhulwella, Lunugamvehera and Walasmulla at a total cost of Rs.85 million.


    It is expected to construct the above bus stands by providing funds to District Secretaries.


    Locations have been identified by the District Secretaries and respective Provincial Transport Authorities.


    Habaraduwa Bus stand

    The present bus stand located on Colombo- Kataragama main road needs further development as it is being used by foreign and local tourists daily. There are about 26 buses departing from this bus stand and about 382 buses operating from the bus stand catering for about 12,700 passengers daily.


    Walasmulla Bus stand

    This is a busy bus stand which is situated in the Hambantota district. So far no proper bus stand is constructed in this area. It is noted that this bus stand provides facilities for 23100 passengers by operating 1248 trips by 147 buses daily.


    Lunugamwehera Bus stand

    Lunugamwehera is a border town situated between Monaragala and Hambantota Disricts and situated close to Mattala Airport and on Colombo - Wellawaya , No.2 bus route. There are about 72 buses operating through this bus stand and about 12 buses departing daily. Proper planning of the bus stand is required since it provides facilities for about 3500 passengers daily.


    Puhulwella Bus stand

    Although buses operating on Matara - Hakmana main route are stopping at Puhulwella, there is no proper bus stand at present. A land in extent of 60 Perches has been allocated by the Pradeshiya Saba for the construction of an average bus stand with 04 bus queues.


    Parallel to Deyata Kirula National Development Exhibition - 2013 two Bus stands in Panama and Thirukkovil in Ampara district and in Pulmude in Trincomalle district were constructed in the Eastern Province by using budgetary allocations of the year 2012.


    Two bus stands, in Karuwalgaswewa in Putlam district and in Melsiripura in Kurunegala district were constructed in 2014, in parallel to Deyata Kirula National Development Exhibition -2014 in Kuliyapitiya. (ST/KH)

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