February 29, 2020
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    Sri Lanka to assist Maldives to develop its Health Sector

    August 02, 2014

    The Ministry of Health has taken measures to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (M0U) between Maldives and Sri Lanka on Health Sector Development and to train Maldivian Nurses and Health Care workers in Sri Lanka. In considering above and to render quality and standard of Healthcare Training in Sri Lanka, both parties agreed to extend the cooperation to each other in the health care sector by implementing training programmes for Maldives nurses and health care workers in Sri Lanka.


    To enter into the above Memorandum of Understanding for the following, were approved by the Cabinet to assist the Government of Maldives to enhance their Human Resource Capacity in Health and also for the procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical devices; and to extend the cooperation in healthcare sector by implementing training programmes in Sri Lanka for Nurses and Healthcare Workers of Maldives.


    Considering the potential of training capacity of health care personnel in Sri Lanka, in its efforts to improve management of human resources in public health services, and the parties giving due consideration to the laws, regulations, rules, customs and traditions of their countries, agreed to extend cooperation to each other in the health care sector by implementing training programmes for Maldivian nurses and healthcare workers at hospitals under the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka or at any other institutions mutually agreed upon.

    Sri Lanka procures a large amount of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices to its State Healthcare Institutions by a centrally coordinated procurement mechanism and also has a proper regulatory and quality control mechanism in doing so. This knowledge and service could also be shared with the Government of Maldives. (ST/KH)

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