June 16, 2021
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    Eight Lankans suffer injuries caused by accidents per minute

    June 28, 2018

    Every minute, eight Sri Lankans need to seek medical treatment for injuries caused by an accident (Not only road accidents), a Consultant Community Physician and the National Programme Manager (Injury Prevention), Non Communicable Disease Unit of the Health Ministry Dr. Samitha Siritunga said.

    According to Dr. Siritunga, every hour 450 Sri Lankans seek medical treatment for an injury caused by an accident, while 11,000 seek medical treatment daily for the same. “Around four million Sri Lankans seek medical treatment for accidents annually,” Dr. Siritunga said. He was addressing media in Colombo yesterday.

    A significant amount of the country’s funds are spent on treating accident victims. “The highest number of accidents are caused by falls and most injuries occur in the home. Road traffic accidents are the cause for the most number of accidental deaths,” he said.

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