October 01, 2020
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    WJP Rule of Law Index 2014: Sri Lanka ranks above all peers in South Asia Featured

    August 05, 2014

    In the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2014, Sri Lanka has been ranked at mid-level at 48 out of 99 countries – above all the peers in South Asia.

    Now heading towards the worst of the worst, peace and love India ranks poorly on order and security (95 out of 99) and civil justice (90/99).


    According to WJP Rule of Law Index, the top ten countries where justice prevails in sequence are Denmark No.1, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Austria, Germany and Singapore No.10.


    The U.S. ranks high among the 99, at 19 but discrimination in the criminal justice system keeps it out of the top 10.


    The World Justice Project Rule of Law Index measures how the rule of law is experienced in everyday life in 99 countries around the globe, based on over 100,000 household and 2,400 expert surveys worldwide.


    Each year, the World Justice Project surveys 99 countries to come up with their Rule of Law Index. The index is used by policy wonks and analysts to dig deeper into why some countries are better at protecting civil liberties than others, and where countries rank in comparison to similar income countries nearby.


    The Index is intended for a broad audience of policy makers, civil society, practitioners, academics, and others. The rule of law is not the rule of lawyers and judges; all elements of society are stakeholders. It is anticipated that that, over time, this diagnostic tool will help identify strengths and weaknesses in each country under review and encourage policy choices that strengthen the rule of law. (KH)


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