September 26, 2020
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    Eheliyagoda SLFP Women's Convention

    August 06, 2014

    None of the Ministers of Peoples' Liberation Front (JVP) voted in support of the budget to allocate funds for the war, during the period when President Rajapaksa was fighting against the war to save the country.  Therefore they cannot express views with regard to the victory obtained by defeating terrorism, without being guilty conscious.

    SLFP Women's Organization President and Minister of Power and Energy Pavithra Wanniarachchi said so participating at the Eheliyagoda SLFP Women's Convention held under the "Rata Rakina Nil Pavura - Surakimu Maubima" programme.


    Addressing the convention on 3rd August at the Eheliyagoda Town, Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi further said that  foreign as well as local conspiracies are taking place to turn the forward march of the country that is in a path of rapid development with the end of the 30 year war.  Therefore these forces have to be defeated by establishing a National Force towards which the entire women are now coming forward.


    The Minister further emphasised that the President has allocated 750 million rupees for this year to develop the Eheliyagoda Electorate whereas in 2005 the allocation was only 35 million rupees. Out of this year's allocation 100 million rupees is allocated solely to improve lives of women, she added.


     National Languages and Social Integration Minister Vasudeva Nanaykkara,  HIghways, Ports and Shipping Deputy Minister (Projects) Rohitha Abeygunawardena, Parliamentarian Upeksha Swarnamali and Western Provincial Councillor Hirunika Premachandra also spoke.(KH)













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