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University dons participates in National Sustainability Discourse

August 22, 2018

Leading university professors, academics and others participated in the National Sustainability Discourse initiated by Presidential Expert Committee for Sustainable Development. Those who spoke at the Discourse held at the University of Colombo on August 20 included Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo Prof. Lakshman Dissanayake, Prof. Mohan Munasinghe, Chairman of the Presidential Expert Committee for Sustainable Development and Prof. Siri Hettige, Member of the President’s Expert Committee for Sustainable Development

Today’s discussion focused on expressing ideas related to the development of all sectors, and the assistance to be lent by the university vice chancellor as well as other members in carrying on with this process as part of the National Sustainability Discourse. In addition, professors from various faculties took part in this discussion and exchanged detailed suggestions about how to approach various sectors in carrying out sustainable development.

Furthermore, in order to enrich the contents of the First Draft of the document, faculty members provided possible additions to certain sections of the document.The discussion came to a conclusion with Prof. Mohan Munasinghe and others further explaining how citizens should work as a society to participate in the National Sustainability Discourse.

The Sustainable Development Unit of the Presidential Secretariat hopes to hold similar discussions in universities across the country throughout the coming months.Mr. Harindra B. Dassanayake- President’s Director of Policy Research and Miss. Thisuri Wanniarachchi- National Coordinator- Sustainable Development Unit coordinated the event.