December 07, 2019
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    Concessions to rubber cultivation to be doubled

    August 27, 2018

    The Government has been observed that the productivity of rubber cultivation in Sri Lanka is comparatively lower when compared to the other Asian Countries which are engaged in the same industry.

     As a long term solution, it has been identified that it would be appropriate to remove the low harvesting old cultivation which has exceeded its life span and re‑cultivate the rubber plants generated from new clones which provide a large harvest.  

    However, taking into consideration the excessive cost to be incurred for the re‑cultivation of rubber, the proposal made by Hon. Navin Dissanayake, the Minister of Plantation Industries, to increase the concession provided to new rubber cultivation from Rs.150,000/- to Rs.300,000/- per hectare and the concession provided for the re‑cultivation of rubber from Rs.175,000/- to Rs.350,000/- per hectare, was approved by the Cabinet.

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