December 16, 2019
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    A project to create Fruit villages in Kurunagala District

    August 09, 2014

    A project has been launched to create Fruit villages in Kurunegala District. Accordingly, 37000 fruit plants will be planted in 167 acres of land in the Kurunegala District.

    Under this  project 3000 Orange plants in 10 acres at Mahawa, 8000 Sour Sop plants in 50 acres at Ambanpola, 20,000 Pineapple plants in  Panduwasnuwara and 5000 Pomegranate plants in 20 acres at Galgamuwa will be planted.


    Already 1000 Rambutan plants have been sent to tawathagama for cultivation in land extent of 40 acres.


    Kurunegala district media unit said that these plants will be distributed free of charge.(SDF/KH)

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