October 21, 2019
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    President instructs to ensure stability in the health sector

    November 24, 2018

    Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena has stressed that the free health service in the country should not be allowed to weaken and the strength and efficiency of the health sector should always be maintained for the benefit of the general public.Addressing a gathering following an observational tour of the Ministry of Health to inquire into the reports of a shortage in essential medicines at hospitals, the President advised the health authorities to take prompt action to correct any deficiencies in any given area.

    Officials were also instructed to take necessary decisions to ensure that adequate stocks of drugs are maintained in the coming monthsThe President also pointed out the importance of taking steps to educate the public rectifying false information propagated by some parties to stir up the public against the government.He also inquired about the progress of the program to control, prevention and suppression of kidney diseases.

    The relevant sections pointed out that the number of kidney patients in 2017 has been reduced compared to previous years, due to the broad program implemented by the government to curb kidney disease.The officials also noted that a good progress is seen in the program by the Presidential Task Force on Kidney Disease Prevention to establish reverse-osmosis water purification systems in the area where kidney disease spreads.

    The President also inspected the progress of programs to uplift the health and nutrition status of school children. The President also examined the proposed program to provide a glass of milk to school children from next year.Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Chamal Rajapaksa, Secretary of the Ministry Ms. Wasantha Perera and senior officials of the Ministry participated at the discussion.

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