February 18, 2020
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    Army medical camp benefit rural masses

    November 26, 2018

    A large number of people in Welioya were benefitted by a medical camp organized by Army troops on Saturday . According to Army media, the mobile medical clinic held at the Gajabapura School was attended by 1146 civilians from low income families in Gajabapura, Welioya.

    The contribution of medical personnel including 11 Medical Specialists, 29 Medical Officers and 103 Medical Assistants of the Sri Lanka College of Military Medicine made this welfare initiative a great success. The attending patients were provided medical screening while some were referred to peripheral and general hospitals in the region for further treatment by the specialist medical practitioners.

    The patients were provided with medicinal drugs free of charge and troops also made it a point to serve refreshments to the large number of patients attending the clinic.This free medical clinic carried out by the Army is yet another community welfare programme that had immensely benefitted low income and backward community in this rural area.


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