October 17, 2019
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    LT Presidents to serve as Additional Magistrates Featured

    January 13, 2019

    The All Ceylon Private Sector Employees Union has commended the Judicial Services Commission on its move to appoint Labour Tribunal Presidents as Additional Magistrates for Labour Tribunals.

    The Judicial Service Commission, (following a policy decision of the Ministry of Justice) has appointed Labour Tribunal Presidents as Additional Magistrates for the limited purposes of implementing Ordinances, Acts and all decisions, certificates, awards, orders and judgements made under the said Ordinances and Acts, in addition to their other duties.

    Commending the move, Secretary of the All Ceylon Private Sector Employees Union, Bandula Gamage, said this step was timely because the Magistrate’s Courts are presently overburdened with criminal matters and other civil cases, resulting in inordinate delays in adjudications of Labour matters conferred on Magistrate’s Courts by numerous legislations.

    “These inordinate delays in bringing Labour matters before the Magistrate’s Courts, inconveniences employees who come before Courts seeking speedy relief,” he said, adding that granting power to Labour Tribunal Presidents to exercise a limited criminal Jurisdiction would make employers feel more comfortable at Labour Tribunals with the thought that they are not criminals, but mere violators of statutory provisions.

    Gamage proposes that the authorities make suitable arrangements to redefine the territorial Jurisdiction of Labour Tribunals, by granting exclusive criminal Jurisdiction to Labour Tribunals in relation to labour matters, to make the process more meaningful.


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