November 21, 2019
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    CEB transforms itself into a Profit Making Organization Featured

    August 15, 2014

    Minister of Power and Energy Mrs.Pavithra Wanniarachchi announced that the Ceylon Electricity Board which was a non-profit organization for a number of years according to the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) Report has now turned into a profit making organization.

    This transition is a result of the correct guidance given by President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Economic Policy.

    Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi disclosed this at the inauguration of the ceremonies connected with the Araporuwa, Phaalawalakade and Dickwela Katuwedameda and Madana electricity projects in the Kolonne electorate, recently.  The cost of the project which would benefit 250 families is 40 million rupees.

    The Minister stated that during the last year 2013, the CEB was able to procure a considerable profit and it was expected to continue in 2014.

    The Minister further said “when the President handed over this Ministry to me he instructed to me that by end of 2014 electricity should be available throughout the country.  Coming from the village, he understands the difficulty of the people in the villages.

    “The President loves children.  He knows the difficulties of children in the villages who have to walk on muddy trails carrying shoes in their hands.  Also the difficulty they undergo at studies using  kerosene oil lamps.  That is why he formulated a policy to improve the villages.

    “I will assure you that every house in the country will be given electricity by the end of 2014.  Had the Presidents who preceded him thought likewise, these villages would have had electricity 30 years ago.  But it was only our President who decided that electricity should be given to the villagers.

    “It is the hope of our leader that children should get into better positions than their mothers and fathers.  Our people are physically strong, strong willed and straight forward .  They can work very hard.  If we strengthen these traits there is no stopping them.

    “Our country is now being developed.  This trend is visible even in distant villages.  At the end of this year, the entire country will be electrified.  When I assumed the Minister-ship, though there was electricity in the villages, there weren't electric posts near homes which prevented the people getting electricity.  People had to obtain electricity by spending their own money to install the electric posts.  But I took steps to change this.  I instructed the Ceylon Electricity Board to fix electric posts near houses.  I did not stop there. The poor people in our country who struggled daily with the earth have no facility to obtain electricity even from the post opposite their house – nor had they the means to wire their houses.  To solve this problem we decided to give a loan of 40,000 rupees which would cover the cost of wiring and supply of electricity within six years.  This is now in practice to enable village folk to obtain electricity.  By distributing electricity successfully, there is a true transformation in the lives of the village folk economically, socially and culturally.

    "The Mahinda Rajapaksa era is  truely a transitional era based on new thinking.  These policies will certainly help poor people to uplift themselves.  What did the UNP do to us ?  They did not construct roads, nor did they give electricity to any house.  No schools were constructed. They only came to get our votes.  Ranil Wickremasinghe will never be able to regain power as long as Mahinda Rajapaksa is alive.  The people will never do anything to defeat this government as they know that this is the only government that has worked for their benefit.

    "We were able to give electricity to people who use the kerosene oil lamps.  The numbers going out for foreign employment as domestic workers has decreased by 38%.  Sri Lanka is second only to  England where Accountants go abroad for employment.

    "For several years, the CEB was running at a loss.  But last year CEB was able to procure a considerable profit.  This year too this trend will continue due to the far seeing policies of our President", Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi emphasized.

    Kanchana Jayarathna Chairman of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council, Daya Pathirana Chairman of the Kolonna Provincial Council, the Vice President of the Council Chinthaka Pathirana and other Provincial Councillors were present. (NJ/KH)

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