April 01, 2020
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    Commander Initiate 'Dengue & Drug Prevention' Drives in his Erstwhile Residential Area

    February 25, 2019

    Setting a good  example by practice for others to follow and creating an awareness of the need to keep environment clean, neat and tidy in one's own residential areas, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, Commander of the Army together with a 100-strong group of soldiers and an equal number of residents in Kaduruduwa hamlet, off Panadura-Moratuwa old road where the Commander resided earlier, launched a massive clean-up project on Sunday (24) morning  to curb any future recurrence of Dengue epidemic in that wetland area, coupled with educative programmes on Drug Prevention and Health promotion 

    On a conceptual direction given by the Commander of the Army, Kaduruduwa Welfare Society and Death Donation Association have jointly spearheaded this community project with the support of all inhabitants in order to prevent any outbreak or spread of Dengue epidemic with the onset of rainy seasons. In response to a question of a journalist on hand at the start of the drive, the Commander giving the lead to the project quipped that the others could mostly follow suit, once the Army would kick off a project of this nature by setting an exemplary precedent.

    In line with the guidelines set out by the Presidential Task Forces on Dengue Eradication and Drug Prevention, the project was supported largely by village monks,a gathering of community leaders,residents, school students and other like-minded supporters who voluntarily supplied wheelbarrows, accessories, bags, minor equipment and refreshments. Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake joined hands with all participants and spent more than four hours with his erstwhile neighbours and associates and actively laboured to clean worst-polluted areas, particularly adjoining the banks of the famous Bolgoda lagoon.


    He also went to two other locations in Kaduruduwa, Dharmashrama Viharaya and Gorakana Kaduruduwa Sri Deeparama Viharaya where awareness projects on Dengue and Drugs for Sunday school children were on under the guidance of incumbent buddhist monks, Public Health Inspectors and health authorities and interacted with the participants for a few minutes.

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