August 09, 2022
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    Army Conducts Mine Awareness Programmes

    April 08, 2014

    With a view to educating the civilians on the danger of abandoned mines and Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXOs), 10th Field Engineers Regiment conducted two awareness programmes at Ilavali and Arali recently.


    The programmes educated 133 civilians from the neighbouring areas. The10th Field Engineers Regiment also conducted more awareness of this nature from March 25th to 31st for schoolchildren and teachers Sorampatthu, Kevil, Vetthalaikerny, Aliyawalai, Nagarkovil East, Nagarkovil South, Udutthurai, Champianpaththu, Ittavil and Kilalay.

    Meanwhile, some soldiers went from door to door educating villagers. Nearly 960 children and 207 teachers and villagers learnt about mines and UXOs in the programme.

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