December 03, 2022
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    Legal provisions to accompany voters with disability

    August 30, 2014

    Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshappriya issuing a media release said provisions exist a person who is totally or partially visually handicapped or physically disabled to be accompanied by another person to assist in marking the ballot paper.

    The person who accompanies the disabled person should be more than 18 years and not a contesting candidate at the election. Similarly, he should not be an authorized agent or a polling agent of a political party at the election. In addition, he should not be a person subject to any disability.
    The form to be used to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility can be collected from the Grama Niladhari in the area of authority of the relevant Provincial Council. A specimen of the certificate of eligibility can also be downloaded by visiting the website of the Department. The application form obtained from the Grama Niladari should be completed and the Grama Niladari endorsement should be obtained on it. It may then be submitted to the Government Medical Officer who will examine the applicant and certify that the applicant is entitled to be treated as a disabled person.

    The disable person should proceed to the polling station with this NIC or any other approved identity document acceptable together with the above documents and accompanied by the person who is named to assist the voter.  The person accompanying too should carry his NIC or valid document which is applicable at the polling station.(KH)


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