December 09, 2019
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    Implementation of the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine Development Project

    September 09, 2014

    The Ministry of Higher Education is to construct a new "Academic Building" for the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine (PGIM) Development Project with gross floor area of 8741 Sqm at a total cost of Rs.1 ,610 million by the consolidated funds of Sri Lanka and complete within 3 years from the year of 2014.


    The main objective of this project is to cater to the increasing national demand for medical specialists training and to improve the quality of medical services in Sri Lanka for the past several decades.


    The Plan is in par with the Government investment policy Plan for achieving the goals in post graduate education to create a knowledge based society in six years time (2013-2017). Realizing the importance of the project, the Treasury has allocated 2,500 million Sri Lankan Rupees, to implement the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine (PGIM) Development Plan in which the Academic Building is one with modern facilities, required for the Post graduate research and advanced studies within next three years.

    It is expected to complete construction work of this project with a minimum cost and high standard quality, within the specified period of time and in accordance with the advices previously given by the Ministry of Finance and Planning, call for limited Tenders from five contractors who work successfully in the construction field and to be awarded to the selected bidder to design, construct and complete the entire project and handover it based on the Turnkey Basis.


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