December 13, 2019
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    Norochcholai Lakvijaya Power Plant 2nd phase opening on Sept.16

    September 14, 2014

    All arrangements are set to open the second phase of the Norochcholai Lakvijaya Power Plant on September 16. Work on the second phase was initiated on May 10, 2010 and the Total cost of the project is 1,346 million., the Ministry of Power and Energy revealed.

    The first phase includes one generator while the second phase includes two generators.


    The two generators of the power plant generate 600 Megawatts. From one generator, 2100 million units will be annually added to the national grid. One unit generated from diesel costs Rs. 25. However, Coal Power will cost only Rs. 7.00 per unit.


    With the inception of electricity generation in the Lakvijaya Power Plant Norochcholai, annually Rs. 38 billion is saved. The overall capacity of 900 Mw, expected from Norochcholai Lakvijaya power plant project will also be completed.


    Laying of cables, to transmit the electricity generated by a third generator to Anuradhapura is in progress. 232 posts will be placed in the high-tension line of 220 KW, that runs towards Anuradhapura. 213 among them have been finalized.


    The Norochcholai project expects to generate 525 million units monthly. The number of electricity units generated by No. 1 and 2 generators until September 4, 2014 was 6,000 Giga watt hours (Gwh).


    In 2005, 76.7 percent households of Sri Lanka were provided with electricity and in 2014, it increased to 97 percent. In 2005, the overall capacity of the country was 2,412 Mw and at present, it has increased to 3,363 Mw.


    While former governments were delaying the Lakvijaya Power Plant project for 16 years, the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government succeeded in finalizing the project in a short period.


    As many hydro-power sources have been used, potential alternative sources should be searched. Most profitable among them are coal power plants and natural wind power plants. About 367 Mw have been added to the national grid through renewable power plants and that is 10 percent of the overall electricity demand.


    The second coal power plant will be constructed at Sampur, Trincomalee which will add 500 Mw to the national grid.


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