February 22, 2020
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    Lalana Sawiya Women Trainee Programme in Gampola

    September 15, 2014

    Prime Minister, Dr.D.M.Jayaratne says that the Government takes constant action to support the medium and small scale entrepreneurs such as Self-employment.

    At the vocational training programme held at Gampola National Heritage Center, Prime Minister stated that more contribution will be provided to industrial development by the Government’s current development programme and through the next budget.


    This workshop was held to introduce preparation of cut flowers to the market, to women who will be following vocational training under the programme of empowering the women in Gampola electorate on a concept of Lady Anula Yapa Jayaratne.


    Addressing the gathering Prime Minister said that the present Government has rendered a great service for the betterment of women and to continue that task the Government under the leadership of President  Mahinda Rajapakse  has allocated huge sums of money.


    The Prime Minister further said “Our Government has created an environment where people can gain improvement at regional level.  I have done a considerable service for the agricultural activities in Gampola area including agricultural crops, as well as cultivating flowers and foliage.  Under that, I took measures to obtain a place for Sri Lanka in selling flowers in France, who own the largest market for flowers in the world.


    “Through such co-ordination and properly guiding the entrepreneurs we can economically empower the people at regional level.  It makes access for many direct and indirect job opportunities”, the Prime Minister said.


    Expressing her views Mrs.Anula Yapa Jayaratne stated “ Today many women have focused on self-employment to earn an income.  Most women in Nuwara-Eliya area have chosen cultivation of flowers as their livelihood.  Sometimes more than men, women contribute to the economy.  Today, you, ladies who receive a primary training, should focus your attention to develop your field of job in a formal manner.  The Government is willing to give its fullest support for the purpose.”


    Anuradha Jayaratne, Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, Central Province Councilor, too, proclaimed that, he will allocate money for the development of self-employment in future under his decentralized provisions and will focus attention on improving rural level job opportunities.  Also, he stated that, the Government realizing the need of developing the village to develop the country is taking measures to develop infrastructure at rural level.  He further said that special attention will be drawn to formulate a formal programme to take the rural products to the market more safely, rapidly as well as profitably.(KH)



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