January 30, 2020
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    Digitalization of Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Project

    September 23, 2014

    Being an emerging middle income economy, the Government has taken initiatives for digitalization of terrestrial television broadcasting system in order to increase information accessibility of people by promoting the effective utilization of frequency resources. Japan’s (ISDB-T) technology will be utilized for the transition from analog broadcasting system to digitalization. This will offer great advantages by allowing Sri Lanka to come up with the worldwide trend while promoting the use of digital technology by every sector.

    This project is concerned to offer enhanced services to the public such as better picture and sound quality and a wide choice of channels and programs for users while contributing to reduce the operating cost and the transmission cost of television broadcasting as well as to upgrade the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Cooperation. ISDB-T system will develop communication infrastructure by enhancing accessibility to a variety of information including emergency warning broadcasting, road traffic information, weather reports, educational and medical information as well as news and sports by being the only digital broadcasting standard that supports reception from mobile phones or mobile devices.


    For the purpose, the government has decided to obtain assistance from the Government of Japan, which is the best of digital technology as well as a major development partner of Sri Lanka. As a result of bilateral discussions had with the Government of Japan, Government of Japan agreed to provide a loan amounting to Japanese Yen 13,717 million (Approximately Rs. 17,396 million) through Japan International Cooperation Agency for digitalization of terrestrial television broadcasting.


    The signing of Loan Agreement pertaining to the above Yen Loan took place Tuesday (23), at the Ministry of Finance and Planning. Loan Agreement was signed by Dr. P.B. Jayasundera, Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Planning and Kiyoshi Amada, Chief Representative of JICA Sri Lanka Office on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka and JICA respectively.(KH/SI)


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