October 16, 2019
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    Lanka has become the centre of attention of world leaders, tourists and investors Featured

    September 29, 2014

    Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa said that Sri Lanka has become the centre of attention of world leaders, tourists and leading investors owing to the prevailing peaceful condition and improved infrastructure facilities.

    Addressing a ceremony after declaring open Sanasa Orex City shopping complex in Ekala recently, the Minister said: “Sri Lanka is the only country that provides round the clock electricity without interruptions in Asia today. The country is getting richer with the most sophisticated and state of the art infrastructure facilities. These are the factors that attract foreign investors’ attention. A large number of foreign investors have expressed their willingness to commence their businesses here. It is the wish of our government that local investors too avail themselves of these opportunities and facilities.”

    The Sanasa Orex City Supermarket comprising 512 shopping units each with individual toilets and other common amenities and parking facilities has been constructed at a cost of 1,200 million rupees.

    Minister Rajapaksa said that Sanasa Movement has acquired all what is necessary to become a successful venture. It is a venture founded on a right vision, a set of sound policies, feasible plan and collection of capable persons. Sanasa is surrounded by people who have formed the habit of saving and looking for a secure place to deposit their hard-saved money. Sanasa has been able to win their trust. We all know that there was a time that none was willing to invest money in this country. We have passed those times and ushered the country to a new era.”

    “The government strengthened the private sector and provided them with what they needed. There was a time that people had to line in queues to obtain electricity. They had to wait months in the lists and most of them needed political backing to obtain electricity to their houses. We have changed that. The government constructed new power plants, initiated power generation, and expedited electricity distribution. We not only provide round the clock continuous electricity but also supply them at lowest possible price.”

    Minister of Social Services Felix Perera, Members of the Western Provincial Council and the Ja-Ela Pradeshiya Sabha, Leader of the Sanasa Movement Dr P.A. Kiriwandeniya and large number of members of the Sanasa movement were present on the occasion. (Special Reporter/HC)


    Sanasa Orex City shopping complex in Ekala 1


    Sanasa Orex City shopping complex in Ekala 2


    Sanasa Orex City shopping complex in Ekala 3


    Sanasa Orex City shopping complex in Ekala 4

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