July 05, 2020
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    Sri Lankan Hot air balloon pilot creating history over and over again

    October 02, 2014

    Capt. Chinthaka Jayasinghe yet again created history by becoming the first balloon pilot to fly a hot air balloon over 5000ft AGL in Kurdistan-Iraq. The record was sent on the 28th of September 2014 with the altitude record being 5238ft AGL.


    Capt. Jayasinghe got himself to the history books by becoming the first certified commercial pilot to fly skies of Kurdistan-Iraq in April 2014 when he became chief pilot for the only certified hot air balloon operator in Iraq. Capt. Jayasinghe said it was very humbling as it was his personal best altitude record and intend to achieve higher altitudes in the future.


    Capt. Jayasinghe was the first FAA certified hot air balloon pilot/ Instructor in South Asia.

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