January 22, 2020
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    Rs.450 million paid for felling Coconut trees infected with leaf wilt disease

    October 09, 2014
    Under a programme of felling coconut trees that have been infected with Coconut Leaf Wilt Disease in the Matara District, 225,273 coconut trees have been cut down so far.  
    Accordingly, the relevant coconut growers have been paid Rs.450.546 million as compensation. It is reported that there are 4000 more coconut trees that are marked for felling.  So far no cure has been identified to control spreading of the disease.  Therefore the only method is to cut down the infected trees.
    This Coconut Wilt Disease has spread out in 12 Divisional Secretariats out of 16  within the Matara District. Therefore as a measure of controlling spreading of the disease, transporting of palm trees, coconut leaves or husks from the identified Divisional Secretariat areas where the disease exists has been prohibited.
    The Regional Manager of the Matara Divisional Secretariat Office A.K.Jayatilleke said that until the Coconut Wilt Disease is eradicated  action will be taken to cut down infected trees as well as the control spreading of the disease. (KH)

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