August 14, 2022
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    Army Culinary skiills exposed through "Hela Viru Rasa Udanaya"

    April 16, 2014

    The first introductory exhibition of culinary skills of Army personnel ‘Hela Viru Rasa Udanaya - 2014’, through which attempts are made to re-introduce traditional food varieties, was declared opened at Nuwara Eliya Tuesday (15) morning parallel to the 'Wasantha Udanaya' festival.

    Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake, Commander of the Army inaugurated the mega exhibition, being attended by more than 100 chefs of the Army who were busy preparing exotic dishes, selected from different parts of the country.


    Sweetmeats and various itother varieties  that are drifting away at present such as Bondi Aluwa, Patta Aluwa, Patta Dodol, Kurahan Thalapa and Aanama, Kirala Drinks, etc are together with many other local vegetables were available at the ‘Hela Viru Rasa Udanaya - 2014’ at Nuwara Eliya as an attempt to revive the old days culinary habits.


    The project, not only showcased the culinary art of Army personnel but was a novel approach to resurrect fast dying food varieties, educate the public on use of traditional food varieties, encourage the public to analyze qualitative ingredients in such foods with the cooperation of nutritionists and cooks on hand through practical demonstrations during the New Year season.


    Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake, well aware of myriad food varieties being prepared across the country by the troops, expects to make it an annual feature in the Army calendar during the popular April season in Nuwara Eliya. Commander of the Army also intends to popularize those dishes among the general public as well as among troops outside those regions in order to maintain high levels of health and physical fitness.


    All varieties of those rare and exclusive food items, prepared then and there are sold at concessionary rates with special discounts to school students. At the venue, chefs from the Army-owned Laya Hotel Chain will add colour by preparing Chinese and Middle East dishes.


    Funds generated by the project are to be utilized for the  benefit of the soldiers and their families, including those who have turned disable.


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