November 17, 2019
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    Bangladesh DSCSC Unveils Commander’s Portrait & Honours Him as 3rd Foreign Commander

    October 22, 2014

    Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) at Mirpur, Bangladesh’s internationally acclaimed centre of excellence for contemporary military studies, unveiled a portrait of the visiting Sri Lanka’s Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake on Monday (20) at its Hall of Fame, and honoured him in a fitting reception as the third foreign graduate to have become a Commander after completion of its Staff Course.

    The reception at DSCSC, dubbed as the ‘Induction Ceremony of Lieutenant General R.M.D Ratnayake, Commander of the Sri Lanka Army into Mirpur Hall of Fame’, has invited a large gathering of about 200 DSCSC course members, retired course mates, serving officers, spouses, senior and retired instructors, members of the directing staff and invitees to listen to the visiting Commander who reminisced his days at the DSCSC disclosing a string of memories when he was following the staff course.


    In his address to the august assembly at the DSCSC, Lieutenant General Ratnayake summed up how professional expertise gained from the DSCSC was used by him against the eradication of LTTE terrorism from Sri Lanka’s soil. He further went on to explain how the visionary direction of the President Rajapaksa as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the most able guidance of Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Secretary Defence and Urban Development, steered clear of all hurdles and setbacks to reach the goal while military operations were rolling on with determination and dedication a few years ago.


    During his address, the Commander tabled an update on Sri Lanka’s march to prosperity and diverse roles, being undertaken by tri-services in the post-war scenario with sheer determination as they did during wartime. Giving several instances of mega development projects that have been already completed by the services, the Commander spoke high of military experiences and the discipline that had been infused to his character to achieve goals, regarded as ‘impossible’ by many.


    He appealed to the DSCSC undergraduates to maintain high academic standards, in addition to knowledge, derived from military courses since opportunities for scholarship would always keep one in good stead and take one to the pinnacle of success in life.


    The reception ceremony afterwards hosted the visiting Commander to a fellow-luncheon interaction towards the end of the event. Exchange of mementos with the DSCSC Commandant, Major General Sajjadul Haque who warmly welcomed the visiting Army Chief of Sri Lanka to the DSCSC and the signing of the VIP registers, left eternal memories before the end of the day’s routine.


    Mrs Damayanthi Ratnayake, President, Army Seva Vanitha Unit, senior officers of the Commander’s retinue, spouses of the DSCSC Commandant and Directing Staff, Past Members and invitees were associated with the reception.


    Before the Commander’s milestone visit to the DSCSC, his itinerary facilitated him to pay formal visits to Armed Forces Division (AFD), Bangladesh’s Military Institute of Science and Technology, commonly known as MIST, the advanced engineering institution of Bangladesh Armed Forces and the National Defence College (NDC) in Bangladesh.


    The visiting Commander was warmly welcomed on arrival at both these institutes by respective Commandants. Taking time off at the NDC, Lieutenant General Ratnayake, spoke to Brigadier K.P.A Jayasekara and Brigadier W.A Wanniarachchi who are following the NDC staff course there at present and inquired into their progress and the wellbeing.


    Before the Commander’s exit, the NDC Commandant and a section of the undergraduates, sat together for a group photo.

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