January 28, 2020
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    Anuradhapura Public Fair to be developed

    November 10, 2014

    Anuradhapura town is the main Commercial and Administrative Capital in the North Central Province, and under the National Physical Planning Policy and plans, Anuradhapura town has been identified as a Metro City. The UDA has prepared Anuradhapura town development plan for 2006 -- 2016.

    Under the plan it is proposed to develop the Anuradhapura Public Fair in extent of 1.19 Ha. which is owned by the Anuradhapura Municipal Council.


    Presently, the Public Fair is functioning on two days per week and there are more than 1000 venders and more than 20,000 customers who come to the fair every week. The existing stalls are located in a haphazard manner and the required facilities are not in acceptable condition for the people and venders. It has bad appearance to the City Beautification of Anuradhapura.


    Considering the fact that public fair is beneficial for nearly 20,000 of people in Anuradhapura area including farmers, sellers, transporter and also it creates large number of formal and informal job opportunities, redevelopment of the public fair is an urgent public requirement.(ST/KH)

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