November 28, 2022
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    CEY-NOR to manufacture multi-day sailing vessels

    April 24, 2014

    In an effort to reduce fuel consumption and increase the use of sails and wind power and also to ensure the security of fishermen in mid-sea, Cey-Nor has launched a project to manufacture multi-day sailing vessels. This was stated by Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Dr. Rajitha Senarathne at a recent discussion held in the ministry.

    These dual-function fishing boats which can be operated by fuel-driven motors as well as by sails are manufactured by the Cey-Nor Foundation. One of these sea going vessels named Sasimi manufactured by Cey-Nor was recently exported to Somalia. The length of this fishing vessel is 45 feet and it can be operated in deep seas, from which a saving of fuel can be obtained. Another feature of this vessel is that it can travel at a speed of 10- 12 nautical miles per hour. The vessel is very stable and can be operated in the sea with no danger. This vessel was sold to the Nedisam Foundation in Somalia at a cost of 14.5 million rupees. There is also another enquiry from a private buyer in Somalia for four more of these vessels. Minister Rajitha Senarathna is also hopeful of providing these dual purpose multiday day vessels to Sri Lankan fishermen as well.

    The minister further added “this multi-day fishing vessels were sold to entrepreneurs in Somalia. This is a multi-day vessel which can be used in the deep seas around Somalia. It can be operated by motor as well as sails. The great advantage here is that in case of an accident no person will be left high and dry. Also, the fuel consumption very low due to the fact that it can be operated on by means of wind and sails which result in a great saving of fuel.  We have decided to manufacture these vessels and also give training to our fishermen to enable them to use them in Sri Lankan seas as well. This will enable us to make a great saving on fuel while lessening the dangers faced by fisherman. We have already got a few more orders from Somalia. Also Seychelles has decided to order these vessels from us”.

    He further said that in 2010 Sri Lanka stopped the use of prohibited equipment like bottom trailing, light course, dynamite, Laila and similar nets.  He added that they even proposed to the Cabinet to stop the import of unsuitable nets and he do not think that the President or the Minister of Defence will ever oppose taking into custody of illegal equipment. However as these are done illegally they will never end. But we will continue to attempt to stop them through raids and legal action, the Minister enphasized.

    Dr. D.M.R.B. Dissanayake, Secretary to the Ministry, Sarath Kumara De Silva, Cey-Nor Chairman, Udith Anuradha Managing Director, Upali Liyanage Chairman of The Sri Lanka Fisheries and Ports Corporation, and Chairman of The Fisheries and Ports Corporation, Mahela Senarathne  were also present.


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