January 29, 2023
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    Sri Lanka tops the Brown Fiber Export Market

    December 24, 2014

    Coconut is one of the major plantation crops in Sri Lanka which accounts for approximately 12% of all agricultural produce in Sri Lanka. Total land area under cultivation is 395,000 hectares and about 2,500 million nuts are produced per year.

    Sri Lanka is very popular in world market for Desiccated Coconut (DC) and Brown fiber. Distinguish white colour and characteristic taste of the DC ranked Sri Lanka at No. 04 position of world export of all kernel products. Sri Lanka is in No. 01 position of world exports of Brown fiber. The technique called drum system used to extract fiber resulting long pure fiber which are more suitable for brush industry.


    Coconut Development Authority, Coconut Cultivation Board and Coconut Research Institute are three major Government Institutions that are responsible for product & quality improvement, supply development and research respectively.


    To ensure the quality of DC exports, the certificate issued by the Coconut Development Authority should accompany with each and every shipment.


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