November 13, 2019
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    Steps to develop Polonnaruwa as a Metro City Featured

    July 31, 2015

    The Government has taken steps to implement the Grater Polonnaruwa Town Development project which is comprised of many projects in the fields of commercial development, heritage conservation and tourism promotion, environmental and landscaping development, at a cost of Rs. 16,650 million on a priority basis.

    Polonnaruwa town and its nodal points known as Polonnaruwa, Kaduruwela and New Towns are growing fast as Heritage City, Commercial City and Administrative City respectively.


    It has been observed that this town is catering for over 80,000 people daily and this number is likely to increase rapidly.


    The Urban Development Authority has proposed to implement a number of town development projects to develop Polonnaruwa as a Metro City, overcoming the issues of traffic congestion, parking and environmental hazards, keeping with the development plan prepared for the entire town.


    The proposal made by the Ministry of Urban Development was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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