January 17, 2019

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    Archaeological excavations in Polonnaruwa under a five year plan

    August 31, 2015

    The historic Polonnaruwa sacred city's archaeological excavations  commenced under a five year plan.

    It has been implemented as an international excavation work under the Central Cultural Fund. The Archeological excavations of Polonnaruwa will take place until the year 2020, under the supervision of Professor of Archeology Robin Canham with the aim finding out more information about the Kingdom of Polonnaruwa.


    The excavations were commenced from the ‘number two plot’ of Polonnaruwa Shiva Devalaya.


    This Shiva Devalayal is considered to be one of the oldest buildings of the Polonnaruwa Kingdom to survive the ravages of time.  This Shiva Devalaya is thought to be built by Tamil invaders (10th century) who initially establish their capital in Polonnaruwa. This building is completely built out of stone finely laid with perfect precision. Due to this reason, this is one of the well preserved artifacts of the ancient kingdom.


    Today the ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned archaeological relic sites in the country, a testimony to the discipline and greatness of the Kingdom's first rulers.

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