August 06, 2020
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    Dep. Foreign Minister Dr. Harsha to focus on Economic Diplomacy

    September 12, 2015

    Hon. Dr. Harsha de Silva assumed duties as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, yesterday (11).

    The Deputy Minister was received at the Ministry by the Secretary of the Ministry and other senior officials. A religious ceremony was held at the Ministry prior to his assuming duties.


    Speaking to the media following his assumption of duties, the Deputy Minister highlighted that he would immediately focus on Economic Diplomacy in his work at the Ministry to help move the country forward from peace to prosperity.

    Deputy Minister Dr. de Silva underscored that Sri Lanka had fallen behind by not having been able to focus on the global economic agenda, while tackling the political aspects of foreign policy and he looked forward to join and complement Foreign Minister Samaraweera's work and efforts in the Diplomatic field with the increasingly important area of Economic Diplomacy.


    The Deputy Minister stated that he would focus on the four areas of trade, investment, growth and business and it would be through enhancing and strengthening these areas, noted the Deputy Minister, that Sri Lanka would be able to address its challenges in the years ahead by moving the trade agenda forward. He noted that his immediate focus would be on trade agreements; both bilateral and multilateral and the Deputy Minister noted that he would bring to the foreign affairs portfolio, his wealth of knowledge, proven experience and ability in economic affairs and financial issues to bear; in his work and tasks ahead at the Foreign Ministry, so that Sri Lanka could move ahead resolutely and confidently.

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