September 22, 2020
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    Increase in Tourists visiting Lunugamvehera National Wildlife Park Featured

    September 14, 2015

    The number of tourists visiting the Lunugamvehera National Wildlife Park has increased with the closure of the Yaala National Wildlife Park for maintenance. Yala National Park was closed for visitors from 07th September to 07th October 2015 owing to the prevailing drought and for maintenance purposes

    The Lunugamvehera National Wildlife Park is considered to have the largest number of wildlife when compared with the land area of local wildlife parks. It is situated next to the Yaala Wildlife Park bordering the Menik Ganga and spreads over more than 23,000 hectares of land.


    Wildlife Officials say that the Lunugamvehera National Wildlife Park has 43 animal species, 184 bird species, 13 species of reptiles, 12 species of amphibians and 21 fish species. They said that there are many facilities for the tourists in the park.

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